Getting ready for tha big Boem ….

Getting ready for tha big Boem ….
Always nice to have your tools, props and all the necessary stuff organised before the show begins…. to play the confusion. “If you fail to prepare … you prepare to fail”.

This evening i will BANG in Pernis. Some months ago i also performed for this group.
I think i will go wild, beyond my own boundaries… surprise myself ….
Kind of stand up clowning en entertaining … me love it. Maybe i should look at “Kuchi Kuchi Hota Hai” to level.

This evening will be great because i can use all my ancestory mimics, tongues and moves. Hmmm i can do a Bollywood dance, Indian rain dance or do the wild angry Surinam Lady or just a smooth waka mang…. waka waka …eh eh … maybe even Shakira. And surprise the public that i understand.

Ok Let’s not get crazy right now… just pack the cases and stuff to play with tonight. Ohmmmm.

I really love going wild. And tonight i will have a photographer with me .. maybe i should also do something with him during the act.

Have a nice day

DaBoem, Sannnggggggggg

p.s. DaBoem rocked…. it was a great evening.

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